Harley in the Sky, Circus Book Tag

Harley in the Sky, Circus Book Tag

So I’ve been missing doing some tags because I feel sometimes all I do is serious review posts and never take out the time to have some bookish fun. Sim @Flipping Through The Pages tagged me in the Harley in the Sky, Circus Book Tag sometime back and today just felt like the day to do the tag! This tag was originally created by Jemma @Fantastic Books and Where To Find Them, do check out her post as well as Sim’s, they’re both fantasticccc! I have lots to live up to.

Also, I hope everyone is being safe out there ❤

Let’s get on with this!


Ring Master: What Book Introduced You to Your Favourite Genre?


I’ve spoken about this book so many times, honestly, at this point everyone knows this answer. Yes, Avalon High was the beginning. The beginning of it alllll!


Acrobats: A Fast Paced Read


I think one, I wasn’t expecting much from Divergent before I started reading it, if anything I was rather wary. I’m wondering if this was my first dystopian, but I’m not sure. Either way, I was surprised how swiftly I was involved in this book and how fast I was done with it. I definitely choose Divergent by Veronica Roth for this category.


Clowns: A Book That Made You Laugh


Love Lettering definitely had me in giggles and swoonshhes ❤ throughout the time I was reading and I connected so much to the quirky, weird, mildly awkward protagonist and the love story. Ahhhhh.


Knife Thrower: A Book That Had You At The Edge Of Your Seat


(Hopefully this wasn’t a based-on-your-recent-reads tag.) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows definitely definitely had me at the edge of my seat because well, it was the end of an era and it seemed almost an absolutely impossible end to achieve. And HOW DO I GET OVER THIS?


Tightrope Walker: A Book You Just Couldn’t Put Down


I know that it’s an unusual choice, I mean, you wouldn’t link a romantic-comedy and family drama related genre to a tight-rope setting, but I swear I was so enthralled, I couldn’t put the book down at all!


Ventriloquist: A Book With A Great Twist


I definitely didn’t anticipate the twist in Relic. It went straight in the direction I absolutely wasn’t expecting it to. And then I thought, okay, this is it then and *makes explosion sounds* another twist! *horrified expression*


Magician: A Book With A Magic System You Love


It’s not a magic system, per say, but Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series has one of the best fantastical worlds ever, in my honest opinion. Like the dive in there and settle comfortably for life kind.


Static Trapeze: Best or Worst Cliff Hanger


I swear to God, Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout, had the worst worst worst cliffhanger of all time. I was crying.


I feel like that kid that’s unsure how she’s done her work and wants to ask an adult how she’s done. *covers face* Why aren’t my answers fun? *pout*
Whining aside, if you think you’d like to do this tag, consider yourself tagged! Again, be safe lovelies and take care. #STAYHOME ❤

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