The Anticipated Releases Book Tag

The Anticipated Releases Book Tag

What’s up my bookworms? Guess who’s back (super late) to do a book tag? A huge gigantic thank you to @Sahi from My World of Books for being so lovely and tagging me on all things fun and bookish! She’s a real dream, so go say hi and follow her (*stares you down*). Hehe. Let’s do this!

1. A thank you to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer all the questions below.
3. Link to the creator of the post. Thank you Ellyn @Allonsythornraxx
4. Tag 5+ other bloggers to take part.

Your Most Anticipated Release of the Year


If my list of anticipating books this year had a box, the box would explode. So, I’m going to (be nice and) choose only one book to talk about. The Silence Between Us has been on my Oh-my-God-check-the-release-date-every-day-can’t-believe-it’s-not-here-yet book recently and I’m exciiiiited for it. Like might-just-happy-slap-whoever-is-beside-me excited.


A Book You’re Not Anticipating 


Okay, before you hate me, hear me out. CoHo is EVERYONE’s rock in the corner and never be the same again author. Literally reading her books is like…sawing your own heart out. It’s not easy, it’s super addictive and your tear ducts begin having issues with their pace maker. I read the blurb for Regretting You and I pretty much ran ten miles away. I just can’t. If I start crying I might not stop. *throws heart at Colleen*


Most Under-Hyped Anticipated Release 


I. Am. So. Happy. For. This. Question. Okay, so I haven’t met anyone (yet) who has read this series. But I’m just so so so intrigued and in love with it! Breathing Lies (book one) was both contemporary and slightly leaning towards the supernatural. It was perfectly creepy in strange ways and the the kind of mystery filled characterisation and setting I like. And I’ve been anticipating Whispered Darkness since before I knew that I wasn’t reading a standalone. I have been waiting on Whispered Darkness since before it was conceived; since before Whispered Darkness was but a sapling in the mind of–
You get it.


A Book You’ve Been Waiting on Forever

I HAVE BEEN WAITING ON NIGHTFALL BY PENELOPE DOUGLAS SINCE THE VERY FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES RELEASED. Penelope Douglas has even on my radar since I read her first book, Bully, and became crazy about her writing. Then, of course the first book in the Devil’s Night series came out and I just *spazzes out*. It doesn’t even have a cover yet, but it has had a space in my heart since the beginning of time.


A Book You’re Anticipating Outside Your Comfort Zone


So, just based off the blurb, The Bone Houses is both horror and necromancy-ish. Neither of the two are particularly my genre, but hey, I LOVE the cover and I like what I’ve been hearing about it and am personally intrigued by the blurb. Also, cover. *points vigorously*


Your Top 3 ‘Can’t-Wait’ Books of The Year

24951850.jpg    41088576.jpg   41142454._SY475_.jpg

The Burning Shadow by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Sapphire Flames say Ilona Andrew and The King by Jennifer L. Armentrout have been my ABSOLUTELY-CAN’T-BREATHE-UNTIL-THEY-RELEASE books for this year. These three books–coincidentally–are spin-offs from other series and have been built up in my heart and mind like a true madness. I can honestly say, there are utterly and reverently worthy of every single day that you have waited!


Your Top 5 Most Anticipated ‘Backlist-Books’ on Your TBR 

      43611796    32619300._SY475_                                                 40242200._SY475_     42815556.jpg    9361589

The Unhoneymooners, The Hating Game, The Evil Queen, Spin the Dawn and The Night Circus have been on my TBR since the good Lord knows how long. And Ahana Shall One Day Add These Books To Her Read-And-Have-Said-All-That-She-Wants-In-Her-Review list. I’m going to post it and I’m going to share it and I’m going to succeed! *faints*



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  1. You are so funny Ahana !!!! I could just read your post over and over again and keep laughing… you delight me 😍😍😍
    And so many books I didn’t know anything about… I’m gonna have to checkout each of them now… looks like you’re trying to add to my tbr too 😜😜😜

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