Million Dollar Marriage (Million Dollar #2) by Katy Evans: ARC Review

Million Dollar Marriage (Million Dollar #2) by Katy Evans: ARC Review

Million Dollar Marriage (Million Dollar #2) by Katy Evans


From New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans comes a hot romance about two strangers and their race to fall in love.

If someone had bet Nell a million dollars that she would be saying “I do” to a complete stranger on national television, she’d have called them crazy, but with her crushing student loan payments sending her deep into the red, she’s out of options. This should be nothing more than a business transaction—until she sets eyes on her groom, and everything changes.

The game is on the instant Luke spots Penelope “Nell” Carpenter. He’s out for the money, yes, but getting a little dirty with Nell doesn’t sound too bad either. Everyone knows he’s not the marrying kind, so it’s a good thing it’s just for show. God knows he’s the worst guy his pretty wife should pick for real.

They have nothing in common, but if they want the grand prize, they’ll have to beat out eight other couples. Proving that total opposites attract should be easy enough…as long as they don’t fall in love in the process.

Published Date: July 23rd, 2019.


My Rating: 7da1c-il_794xn.1430513132_kmuv 7da1c-il_794xn.1430513132_kmuv 7da1c-il_794xn.1430513132_kmuv 7da1c-il_794xn.1430513132_kmuv

My Favourite Quote:
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She looks at me like I’m utterly insane. “It’s not just that. He made you love yourself, Nell. And you know how many men out there can do that? Like, none.”

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My Review

Received an Advanced Reader’s Copy from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

When you read Million Dollar Marriage, you figure out that there’s a general theme to the Million Dollar series. The million dollars, of course, and the general style with which these million dollars are achieved. Except, each style manifests differently.

Nell is a genius, a total brainiac. But she’s also a wounded girl, not having truly received appreciation, love or acceptance from anyone but her close friend Nee. Nell has clammed herself shut, she doesn’t enjoy, she doesn’t breathe anything other than responsibility and never particularly lets herself take risks. While Luke is all about risks and adventure and perhaps even the burden of his mistakes in the past and his responsibility in the present. Where Luke jumps, Nell digs her heels in and where Nell thrives, Luke cocks his head.

The only strand of similarity between them is that they both need the money. Desperately. And the means comes through the form of a television show. A show that thrusts these two characters together and puts them through tasks that are as strange and luck-based as we know these typical type of shows to have. We get to see through the eyes of the protagonists and suddenly the sarcastic humour with which we perceive these shows and their participants fade away and we start to feel something like a strange understanding and sympathy even, for them. A special mention to the way that the characters choose to react to a betrayal, it speaks a truth about the protagonists and KE’s thoughts as a person.

The Million Dollar series, despite the difficulties and situations the characters face, is a lighter read than the rest of KE’s books. They could even be summer and beach reads; something to lose yourself in and not come out feeling heavy. It’s like listening to a friend recount a tale that ends in a smile and a hug. While, I do miss the intensity that’s drenched with emotion that has been KE’s style, I find I don’t mind this too much either. It shows greatly, how much KE can change her writing voice to suit the character and the design of the series.

Nell and Luke are utter and complete opposites, thrust into the limelight (with a billion viewers watching) and made to–as a newly married couple--perform tasks and overcome hurdles. But, there is a catch at the end even if you win. But do Nell and Luke win? Will the couple–if they are even that–set aside their differences and persevere despite all odds? But…what happens once the show ends?

Four stars! Katy, it’s lovely to see such diversity in your writing! Keep going. ❤ ❤
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