This or That Tag

This or That Tag

I recently saw a tag on Jayati’s Blog and I loved it so much, I decided to self-invite myself to do this tag on my blog. Before I start, all of you should go to Jayati’s blog, it’s beautiful and lovely and all things book-lovers will crave. Give her a follow and lots of love!

Let’s do this!

Series or Stand-alone?

Ahhh, though I hate myself for this answer, I’m a series girl even though I’ve enjoyed my fair share of stand-alones. I can’t believe I’m admitting to this (don’t ever quote me, please) but I love seeing characters again and again and if there’s a cliff-hanger, all the more happiness (I mean FRUSTRATION) for me!


Magic Earned or Magic Born?

I would love to earn any magic I have. Comes to me, all them brownie points.


Enemies-to-Lovers or Friends-to-Lovers?

I’m a through and through angst/hate-to-love lover, so definitely enemies to lovers. It takes a really good writer to spark chemistry off of words between friends and keep it exactly there when they becomes lovers. Whereas, with enemies…*slow smile*. (What? I don’t have a social life.)


Love Triangle or Insta-Love?

Hmm. Okay, this is a hard one, simply because while I’ve never liked love triangles, I’ve seen it done realllllly well in some books. And while I’ve found I’m quite fond of insta-love (*cough werewolves and vampire imprinting cough*) I’ve seen it done reallllly …not so well in some books. So…I would like to club the attribute of one and the design of the other and choose a well written insta-love. Hehe.


Keyboard Smash Names or Names 
that All Start with the Same Letter?

*chants* Keyboard smash! Keyboard smash! And it’s totally not because I do that when I write. (What?) More allure, no? The hero’s character, spelling and pronunciation are an enigma. Perfect triangle.


Mean Parents or Dead Parents?

Aw, man. True loneliness? Or loneliness even when you have people? Aren’t both terrible? Damn, I can never choose. What’s worse? Not having someone in real or having someone but never having them turn up or…having those that are meant to protect you, harm you? Ugh. I guess…mean parents. *wince* I can’t make myself say the other.


Supermodel Looks or Constantly Saying 
how 'Plain' They Are?

Hmmm. We’ve seen a lot of ‘plain’ girls. I think I’d like to see the lives of supermodel-looking girls. It must be hard. As far as I’ve seen, beauty is a veiled gift, a double edged knife gripped in the wielder’s palm. I’ve seen some beautiful women and I’ve seen their suffering. They maybe widely admired, but they’re hurt and ostracised as much as anyone else.


Face on Cover or Typography on Cover?

Um, is both too much to ask? Well, the blurb is what pulls me in, I frankly don’t reallllly mind what’s on the cover. I’d go for either; face of word, both are beautiful to me.


Villain Turning a Little Good or 
Hero Turning a Little Bad?

I’m a big digger of villains. Of dark characters with a dash of white swirling through them. I’m a villain turning a little good kinda girl all the way through.


Best Friend Dies or Lover Dies?

I…can’t….I just….I …can’t.  WHY DOES ANYONE HAVE TO DIE?

Best friend, I guess? *wince* I’m a romance buff, don’t hate me.
Can we use semantics and say, oooh, maybe the best friend is the lover and LOOPHOLE no one dies?


Awesome Writing with Dull Plot or 
Amazing Plot with Murderously Bad  Writing?

Amazing writing with a dull plot for me. Narration is everything. You can make even a murderer sound like a hero and a madman a musician with words. If you get the words right, the dullest of plots shine. That’s my theory.

(Why don’t the awesome writer and amazing plot-er Co-Author!? Solves all problems, no? Apparently, Ahana thinks this is the GetOutOfAnswering Tag.)


Cliff-hanger Ending or Heart-breaking Ending?

Aren’t most cliff-hangers heart-breaking? Or is that just for me?

I’m a total cliff-hanger girl, even though I’d never ever ever admit it if you ask me.


Breaking the Spine or Dog-Earing the Pages?



Bad Boy or Perfect Golden Boy Love Interest?


*grumbles* Fine, I’ll choose. Bad Boy.


I Tag: YOUUUU! If you’re interested, tell me what your answers are in the comments or as a post!





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      1. They make me crazy too!! I just… sadly, masochistically enj..oy it? Definitely hate it! But kiiiiiinda enjoy it? Please refer to masochistic above. *points*

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